We Are


A network of immigrant families that cultivates leadership and the organizing of our communities across the State of Pennsylvania. We create strong supporting ties, coordination and organizing nurturing ourselves to fight for our human rights.

We came to this country displaced by social and economic crisis in our countries. Here we work multiple jobs to provide for our families. But living to work is not living and the fear to persecution and discrimination in higher education and healthcare among other injustices are conditions in this country that do not value humanity much less the humanity of immigrants. The poverty we live here is connected to the one we live in our countries. That is the reason we have organized ourselves, because our families, communities and ourselves deserve to live full lives. We fight not only to defend ourselves or to survive but also to live well and grow.

In the last 6 years we have fought with force to connect with immigrant and undocumented communities in the state, with the intention to build a movement capable of changing the politically possible in Pennsylvania. We know that if we have a movement willing to take action with clarity, coordination and heart, we can obtain not only our human right to mobilize with driver’s licenses but also other things that are fundamental in our lives such as education, housing, healthcare, food and keeping our families together.

From Philadelphia we went to Easton, Wilkes Barre, Hazelton, West Chester, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Chambersburg y Pittsburg with the name “Fight for Driver’s Licenses PA”. Since then our mission has grown, our vision has matured and we got stronger as a family. And in responding to our growth we decided to change our name to Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania or MILPA.

The milpa is an ancestral crop-growing system of this continent. Milpa farmers plant in the same field different kinds of grain, fruit and vegetables that are nutritionally and environmentally complementary, getting nutrients from each other. More than an agriculture system it is a socio cultural structure that involves complex relationships and interactions between the farmer, the crop and the land.

With MILPA we claim our rights for this land. We belong here because we are from here. MILPA is a new formation and unity that grows from our roots. It represents a new phase of our communities continued growth in this state. We continue working visiting towns and cities in Pennsylvania that need our support, and building committees that reflect and represent our values to claim our human rights and fight for justice.