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MILPA believes that every human being has a right to live a full and dignified life.  In 2018 as our families, neighborhoods and towns continued to be torn apart by detention and deportation, we held tight to the values that have sustained us throughout generations of struggle: Our connection to one another, leadership and unity of the poor and a commitment to act with clarity, coordination and heart for the wellbeing of our state.  

In 2018 we: 

Graduated our first class of Rights Promoters trained by The Border Network for Human Rights to facilitate the education, organizing and participation of MILPA members in local organizing committees. 

MILPA leaders received a boost of support from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau who voted to support the use of tax-id numbers to obtain a drivers license.  This support will help move forward the effort for drivers licenses for all Pennsylvanians and the freedom of movement for families in our state. 

We mobilized our friends, families and neighbors to register and vote in support of human rights.  MILPA members collected over 400 pledge cards from voters who support the right of all Pennsylvanians to have a driver’s license. 

Through 40 days of action in Pennsylvania’s state capitol, MILPA was a founding member of the PA Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival that re-launches the vision and movement of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years later.

MILPA together with Harrisburg Rising organized a 700 person march to Keep Families Together and Free at the U.S. and Mexico border and here in Pennsylvania.  

United with Shut Down Berks Coalition and artist Michelle Ortiz to center the stories of migrant families and helped create a permanent mural in the Allison Hill neighborhood of Harrisburg to denounce the separation of families at the border and the detention of parents and children in our state. 

Ended the year with our first Wellness and Leadership training with California based Peace Inside Out, where MILPA leaders reflected on our resiliency and developed strategies for taking good care of ourselves as leaders in our communities and struggles.

MILPA is a network driven by the leadership and support of Pennsylvanians who have a vision for our state that upholds the dignity and rights of all people.  We need your help to continue the work for human rights in 2019! Your gift of all sizes will make a big impact and help MILPA to: 

*Open our community organizing space in Harrisburg
*Introduce and move forward legislation for drivers licenses for our families in PA
*Graduate our second class of Right Promoters as we defend our communities from family separation
*Unite the people of Pennsylvania for an agenda of human rights over profit!

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